About me

Jennifer Johnson is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, and motivational speaker. She resides in Suffolk, Virginia with her husband and 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). Like most women, she's been through some stuff in her life. Through her journey,  she has realized the power of sharing her experiences through her writing and speaking engagements.

Life is forever changing, shifting into unknown territory. We need to be celebrating and encouraging instead of trying to bring others down. That's why she is passionate about creating content that inspires others while sharing her personal journey. Jennifer believes that everyone's journey is not the same, but each journey offers personal and spiritual growth which is needed to achieve one's fullest potential.


Jennifer has learned that there is power in sharing her stories through writing or speaking. They have a way of inspiring and showing others how resilient they are. Her mission is to foster a community of supportive women who are learning and growing through this journey called life. 

Interested in partnering with Jennifer? Have questions or need a little motivation? Email Jennifer at  contact@iamjenniferjohnson.com.

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