"Everyone has a story to tell and lessons to be learned. There is purpose behind your pain. It's not meant to destroy you. It's meant to help you grow and help others that have found themselves on the same journey as you."

 ~ Jennifer Johnson


All Things Come to an End

The first novel from the Through the Journey book series.

“All things come to an end so there can be beautiful new beginnings.”


Twenty-seven-year-old Destinee Clark learns this in more ways than one. After a recent breakup with an abusive, dominant man, she decides to give up on love to focus on finishing law school and building her career.


A career opportunity leads her back to her hometown in Virginia—a place she vowed she would never return to after leaving for college to Washington, D.C. She meets Chris Richardson, who finds his way to her heart and changes her life in ways she never expected.

A Scent of Destiny.png

The Fragrance of a Resilient Woman - A Scent of Destiny

Resilience is being able to thrive in spite of the worst times in life. A Scent of Destiny is my personal journey of how I was able to blossom in grace. How God bestowed upon me undeserved favor, a sacrificial gift that I had not earned and could never repay.

I was a teen mom. Had my first child at 15. Thought I had to be this perfect person but learned that perfect does not exist. Depression and anxiety crept into my life but I pushed it all aside, taking care of others instead of taking care of myself. Then there was the infidelity in my marriage and a child was born as a result.  It was only after therapy that I learned there was a broken little girl still living inside of me.

Love Always Wins

Love is patient and kind. Or is it?

Journee James was a teen struggling to conceal her mother's drug addiction. Once it was revealed she was forced to live with her grandparents. In spite of what life threw at her, she continued to persevere. She was determined not to fail. Her struggles lead her to a breaking point where she has to make a choice to save herself.


Side Effects of Secrets

Secrets don't belong in relationships or friendships.


Sasha, Jeanette, and ___ have been friends since high school. They made a pact to travel every year for their birthdays which fall days apart from each other.


This year they are traveling to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate Sasha's 40 birthday. Each of them has a secret that will be revealed during this trip. Will their friendship survive?  

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