Some might be wondering why the heck I started this blog. Well, let me fill you in. Here are three reasons why.   

1. I love to write!!!

I can literally sit in a room all day with pen and paper or a laptop and just write. The fascinating stuff I come up with blows my mind. One day you will read some of my stories whether it be on this blog or a best seller. 

2. I've experienced some stuff in my life (more on that later) that had me wondering "why me".

Pretty sure I'm not the only one who has felt that way. I realized the more I asked God "why me" the more stress and drama I experienced. So I stopped asking!! I started journaling and praying more. One day I was flipping through some of my journal entries and stopped to read something I had written a while back. It said, "I want God to use me so He can get the Glory". Amen!!! 

Everything that has happened in my life has not only been a learning experience for me but an opportunity for me to help others. 

3. I love motivating people and encouraging them through whatever it is they are going through.

Hence the blog name "Through the Journey". Last year I had the opportunity to speak at an event for teenage mothers. I shared my story about being a teenage mother and offered some words of encouragement to them. I enjoyed sharing my story and standing up there offering words of wisdom and inspiration. 

Sharing on a one-on-one level is easy for me. But this is taking things to a new level. But I'm ready! Sometimes we are looking for that light at the end of the tunnel and get stuck in the negative thinking (been there, done that).

Everyone can use a little motivation and encouragement.

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