Has this ever happened to you? You set a goal and start working towards achieving that goal. Then…boom…something happens. Then it gets harder and harder to stay motivated. You feel like screaming and crying. You may even start to second guess yourself.

Let me tell you something. I am a cancer and we are known to be very emotional and sensitive. Sometimes I need to cry it out so I can get back up and keep moving. I use to fight it and think that it was a sign of weakness.  Then, after giving in and releasing those emotions through my tears, I realized that crying actually helped me.

Releasing tears rids the emotion from your body. It releases the stress hormones and other toxins. I just wanted to drop a post that might help and/or encourage someone to keep going. Go ahead and cry! Let that shit out! But don't stop pushing!!!

"Don’t take my crying as a sign of weakness for I am a woman with profound emotion. I am not afraid to show you my tears for I know why I cry. I won’t put on a facade because I know that my feelings are real. When I am faced with worry or anxiety, my tears help to release those burdens and wash away the pain and fear in my heart.

You have not walked in my shoes nor would I want you too because our walk was never meant to be the same. I’ve experienced some pain in my life that almost broke me and had me ready to tap out, but my tears have helped me gain closure so I can breathe and keep pushing. Sometimes I need that cry from deep down in my soul to release the negative energy. 

So, I will say it again. Don’t take my crying as a sign of weakness, for I am a woman with profound emotion and I am not afraid to show you my tears. I know why I cry." 

~ Jennifer Johnson

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