So, today is my birthday. I didn't have intentions on making a blog post today but something in my spirit told me to share my thoughts. I was listening to BeBe Winans He Promised Me. As I listened to the lyrics I started reflecting on my past and claiming my future. I trust that whatever I need…God will provide.  Whatever I am going through…God will see me through.

Ready the lyrics:

He promised me he will deliver

And I believe he's a provider

Yes I believe he's a provider

No other name I know that can deliver

In troubled times he shows he can deliver

Whatever the need I go to my provider

And if cash gets low I Call on Jesus!

Listen to the song when you get a moment. (BeBe Winans He Promised Me)

You see…I was a teenage mother. I had my son when I was 15 years old. I was a child, raising a child, with grown up responsibilities. Odds were stacked against me right there but I was determined to make it. Even when people looked at me like another statistic. I struggled with raising my son as a teenage parent while working and trying to finish high school. But you know what? I did it!

Six years later…married, working full-time, full-time college student and my senior year pregnant with my second child. But you know what? I still graduated. Three years later I had my third child, went back to school and maintained my career. I have always been stubborn, head strong and determined. If I set my mind to something, watch out, because there's no stopping me. At times I would get frustrated and feel overwhelmed because things didn't always work out they way I thought they should have. For example, losing a home to foreclosure and infidelity in my marriage.

Fast forward to the present….married 16 years with 4 children. Blessed with a new home and a stronger marriage. As a matter of fact we just celebrated our 16th anniversary last week.

Through the years I was always focused on achieving the next goal and taking care of everyone else. I even picked up some bad habits and lost myself along the way. I was mentally and physically drained. I was tired, broken, confused and frustrated.

Everything that I had been through had caught up with me and I felt like it was about to take me out of this world. I realized that I needed to figure out who "Jennifer" was. It was time to give myself the attention I deserved. I had to learn new habits and start taking better care of myself.

I am not ashamed of anything that I've been through. It's my journey. I know everything I've experienced was not in vain. I was sent here to share my experiences, encourage others and help push them to the next level. 

So…no matter what it is you are going through, don't give up. Nothing is impossible. If you fall, get back up and try again.

God will take all of your choices, mistakes, and failures and turn them into something good.

Be blessed!


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