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I love music. All types of music. It inspires and motivates me. Songs tell stories. That's why I created a playlist for All Things Come to an End.

Every time I would hear a certain song I would think about Destinee's story. What she went through and how she overcame. Chris and the love he showed Destinee. I specifically picked these songs to give you a feel of the book. Each song on the playlist speaks to an event or something one of the characters were feeling.

Destinee knew when she left for college that she was never moving back to Virginia Beach, VA. After 10 years of living in D.C., things changed for and she found herself back there.

Destinee learns that "sometimes shit don't go your way." Change is inevitable. There will be good days and bad days. How you deal with it will determine how you overcome it.

This song speaks to the single women out there who are independent and don't need a man to take care of them. On the flip side, they want a relationship but the man has got to have his shit together.

"Show me you're a winner. I don't need a quitter." Destinee doesn't want to be alone but she's not about to support a man, especially if he's playing games and not motivated.

Chris knows that Destinee has been through some stuff. She expressed to him that she is afraid of falling in love. He reassures her by his actions that they can take things slow.

He's ready to take things to the next level whenever she is ready. He makes it clear that he wants her and he's not going anywhere.

There's something about that sexual tension that builds up when you are getting to know someone.

It's been a while and Destinee wants to take things slow. She doesn't give in to her desires too quickly as she has in the past. She needs to make sure he is worthy and can handle what she has to offer.

If you don't pay attention to your woman there is another man out there who will. Don't give him a reason.

Destinee and Chris's relationships get tested and they get tempted. Their relationship hit a rock in the road leaving Destinee feeling unsure of what to believe about love, trust, and relationships.

Death is inevitable. In life, we are guaranteed one thing: a death date.

Destinee has her share of loss but unsure if she will ever recover. She learns that everything in life comes at an expense, and nothing and no one is exempt from loss, illness, and unexpected change.

"All things come to an end so there can be beautiful new beginnings."

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