Do you represent a brand that you would like to promote to my readers? I welcome opportunities to incorporate lifestyle, organization, and motivational products into my posts. I work with brands and companies in the following ways:


Sponsored Posts: If you have a brand that is relevant to my mission and readers.


Giveaways and product reviews: I am happy to host reviews and/or giveaways on this site.


Brand/product ambassador: Have Jennifer Johnson represent your brand. This can be done through blog posts, social media, travel opportunities, etc.


Company/Brand Events and Sponsored Trips: I love to foster win-win collaborations with other partners.  If your company is hosting an event or planning a press trip, I would love to be involved and share my experiences with my readers.


Blog and Motivational Related Conferences: Need a blogger to represent your company/products at a blog or motivational related conference? 


Motivational speaking engagement: Hosting an event and need a speaker? I would love to help you out! Contact me for rates and information.


I am always interested in working with new companies!

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